Penetrating Damp


Old cement renders can lead to black mould

Paint Melbourne has experience in stopping penetrating damp in walls and has a range of guaranteed renders and injected treatments that waterproof, protect, and eliminate penetrating damp in walls.

  • No Damp Patches or Black Mold
  • Damp Walls Allowed to Dry Out
  • No Musty Damp Smells
  • Re-Decoration eliminated
  • Drier & Warmer Room

Penetrating damp is caused by rain water being absorbed by the porous outer skin of the wall and then soaking through the structure by capillary action to finally show up as wet patches or black mold on the inside. Winters are especially harsh on exterior wall surfaces such as cement renders and common bricks and over the years they become more porous and susceptible to water ingress from wind driven rain.

A small amount of penetrating damp in walls is not a problem. In fact, it is essential that some water is allowed into the wall and on average an external wall will have around 10% to 15% moisture content. This small amount of penetrating damp drops the temperature of the wall to ensure that the warm moist air inside is drawn through to the outside so that the house breathes and regulates the moisture levels in the home. This keeps us warm, dry