Wood Rot is Common in Melbourne

Paint Melbourne has seen its share of wood rot, and we’ve repaired plenty of it as well. You may think of rotting wood as decomposing, but actually, wood rot is a form of fungi. All wood decay is caused by one of a small variety of wood-infesting fungi, which are responsible for the decomposing of the wood. These fungi can only survive in moisture-rich places, so rotting wood is common around roofing leaks, between wood and concrete where water can get trapped, and closer to the ground, which also retains moisture.

If addressed early in the process, the wood can be repaired so that structural integrity is not compromised.

One of the most popular methods of repair is injecting the wood with a hardening epoxy. The epoxy adds support and slows the growth of the fungi which cause wood rot. If you don’t address the problem of moisture, all wood is eventually going to rot, but we can help repair problems and increase the life of wood in problematic areas.

Rotted wood from the lower part of a door frame


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