Project Description


Special rooms require special finishes

Crackle Paint Special Finish Williamstown

At a recently completed project we provided a very special finish in the dining area which we believe deserves its own page.

The finish was first achieved by applying a sealer undercoat to all surfaces, with preparation following. This was followed by application of several coats of a specially formulated metallic silver. This can be applied by brush roller or spray gun. Most metallic paints are very thin, which is why they require several coats.

Following the metallic we applied a crackle medium, in this case supplied by Porters paints. The crackle medium is important and must be applied in as random a fashion as possible as it will effect the ultimate finish.

After the crackly medium we applied the top coat, in this case a specially formulated red in a premium low sheen acrylic. We had to work very fast and keep whats called a wet edge because as soon as the top coat touches the crackle medium it begins to react and dry almost instantly, if you continue to work the same section or go back over old sections you will wreck the effect. Once applied in a semi random and thick/thin coat the job is complete.

The top coat reacts as it dries and begins to split over the metallic giving the desired effect. Very Cool.