Epoxy floors are ideal for garages, airports, factories, schools and many other applications

Paint Melbourne works with the best application of coatings for those looking for epoxy flooring and has a professional team highly qualified for the job. The epoxy floor is ideal for garages, airports, factories, schools and many other applications. This type of finish provides the environment with the appropriate aesthetics and harmonization since it has a shiny appearance and with the possibility to apply layers throughout the length of the coating.

Factory Epoxy Floor

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is the best solution for those who have spaces with high traffic of people because the finish provides greater safety for locomotion since it can be made smooth or non-slip. The high strength and impermeability are among the many advantages of using an epoxy floor.

The use of this type of coating is commonly linked to garages, hospitals, sheds and industries that require high standards of hygiene since the epoxy floor has fast hygienic processes and does not accumulate bacteria, as in conventional floors and requiring grouting.

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