We also install wallpaper and wall coverings

Paint Melbourne is capable of fulfilling all your wallpaper needs

If you have your own wallpaper, we are happy to supply the labour or any additional materials required to install it. If you require any advise on which products are relevant to your application, we are willing to help. We are also happy to provide wallpaper sample books on behalf of our suppliers and contacts worldwide. We have, on several occasions, imported wallpaper for well under the local market value for our clients.

We specialize in a wide range of wallpaper and wall coverings, ranging from vinyl coated wallpaper, to embossed and non-woven wallpapers. Whether you are after the look that foil or flocked wallpapers provide, or you want to add natural textures like grass coverings or fabric, Paint Melbourne wants you to know we are also well qualified installers of wallpaper and wall coverings.

We also provide wallpaper removal service if you need to get down to the bare walls before any further installations.

Wallpaper Installation


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