If you take the time to study a building that you admire, whether in Melbourne, on the Gold Coast, or on the other side of the world – you will most probably notice that there are some aspects that have been touched by a renderer/solid plasterer. You will also note that the quality of the finish is obvious to the eye. Therefore Paint Melbourne believe this is vital to get it right.

This section of the website is dedicated to what we refer to as the more traditional methods of solid plastering and rendering. For modern render products see our page about rendering in Melbourne.

Traditional cement render is made from clean sand, cement and lime. Depending on the ‘look’ required, rendering can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted.

Most of the products used in traditional solid plastering will be mixed onsite by our experienced staff. Where possible we incorporate the modern science and techniques to optimize the performance of the traditional products and application.

Different rendered or solid plastering finishes can be created by using different tools such as trowels , sponges, or brushes. The art in traditional rendering is, (apart from getting the mix right), the appearance of the top coat. You’ll notice that solid plastering in Melbourne and around the globe, renderers will have different finishing styles and be able to produce different texture coatings and decorative effects. Some of these special finishing effects may need to be created from a thin finishing ‘top coat’ or from a finishing wash.

Solid Plastering