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Sometimes your decor and interior designs require something more than just a coat of paint. Paint Melbourne can help you achieve the look you are after

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Our Services


Preparing, Painting & Finishing All Styles of Surfaces. Spraying Acrylics, Enamels, 2-Pacs, Metallic’s & Spray on Texture Products.

Maintenance & Repairs

Acrylic Render, Textured Coating, Coloured Render, Interior Hard Plaster and Stucco Repairs. We provice long term maintenance programs.

Special Items

Mural and Vinyl wallpaper, Blackboard, Whiteboard and Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. Window Film and Signage Installation.

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If your painting project involves multi-level or high rise buildings, we have in-house painters who are well trained in the safety and mechanical aspects of all elevated work platforms and rope access techniques. We also offer specialized painting applications, decorating advice, rendering, and solid plastering services.

  • Preparing and painting all styles of surfaces interior & exterior
  • Providing high quality workmanship with mirror finish gloss and cutting in with no brush marks
  • Spraying acrylics, enamels, 2-pac’s, metallics and spray on texture products
  • Preparing and applying hard wearing epoxy and acrylic epoxy products to floors
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Make Your Office Look Good

Solid Plaster Repair Specialists

Improving the appearance of solid plaster can be a cost effective way to add value to your office. Paint Melbourne provides a wide range of solid plaster repair services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. From repair of simple cracks and holes to make good, to complete office re-fresh.

  • Interior hard plaster repairs
  • Exterior plastering repairs and restorations
  • Sand and cement dependent repairs

Quality Wallpaper Installation

We specialize in a wide range of removable wallpaper and wall coverings, ranging from vinyl coated wallpaper, to embossed and non-woven wallpapers. Whether you are after the look that foil or flocked wallpapers provide, or you want to add natural textures like grass coverings or fabric.

If you have your own wallpaper, we are happy to supply the labour or any additional materials required to install it. We are also happy to provide wallpaper sample books on behalf of our suppliers and contacts worldwide. We have, on several occasions, imported wallpaper for well under the local market value for our clients in Melbourne.

We also provide wallpaper removal service if you need to get down to the bare walls before any further installations.

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Put Your Brand Out There

We have an important job in the process, ensuring that your signs are safely and properly installed so that people can see your message

Create a Nice Work Environment

Create an inspiring work environment with custom wall murals. A simple and customizable solution, wall murals can be used to boost employee morale, productivity, and branding. We can help you to build a incredible mural using wallpapers and special items.


Why Paint Melbourne?

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    Work Outside of Business Hours

    We undestard how time is valuable for businesses, for that reason, we are ready to work outside of business hours including weekends.

  • 2
    Protection in First Place

    We protect everything very well, every item is treated like it's our own. Everything will be covered with plastic, drop-sheets and taped.

  • 3
    Maintenance Program

    Offices require manpower for ongoing maintenance such as plastering or painting, Paint Melbourne can provide it. We offer a dynamic maintenance program, where we come back in 3, 6 or 12 months to maintain the standard of touch-ups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do people choose colors? I can't make up my mind

Choosing colors can be bewildering. Each manufacturer offers a few thousands! Fashions come and go. We recommend that you start by asking yourself what colors you like (e.g. which ones are dominant in the clothes you buy?). Light shades will usually make a space look bigger, darker ones can add warmth to a room. A sense of harmony can be obtained in many different ways. If you need more elaborate advice we can refer you to one of the interior designers with whom we work regularly.

Are you insured?

Yes, we have $20 million in public liability, workers compensation, and carry ‘contractors all risk insurance’ on a job specific basis. All certificates are available on request.

Do you have references?

Yes, we have some online references in our testimonials section, we also keep written references on file for those who ask.

How do I maintain my office once it is painted?

The only maintenance required would be to keep the surface clean. This is generally done with a low water pressure cleaner.

Is it going to be smelly and make a mess?

Plastering and sanding do create dust. We will do our utmost to minimize it. All floors will be carefully protected with drop sheets, and your furniture covered with plastic. Other areas of your office will be blocked off with plastic so that they remain as much as possible dust-free. At the end of the project, we will clean carefully the rooms where we have worked. Some smell is unavoidable when you paint. We will work with water-based paint (latex), which is a lot less smelly, unless the surface requires a oil-based product (stucco ceilings; rusted metal; water or nicotine stains). Or unless you specifically ask us to use an oil-based paint.

There is a wide variation in the painting quotes/bids I have received, why?

The cost of a job is usually determined by the level of preparation, attention to detail and quality desired. Typically you will get what you pay for. Accepting a low-bid or negotiating a lower rate may be false economy if the painter cuts corners to get the job done. Give each painter an identical brief and ask them painter to itemise the expenses so that you can compare how the money is being spent. You don’t have to accept the highest bid but never select a painter solely on price either. You need to feel confident and informed about what you are getting for the money you are being asked to pay.

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