Paint removal services for brick surfaces, metal surfaces, windows, floors and walls

Paint is commonly applied and reapplied to a large number of surfaces, it is common on restoration projects for the applicators to recoat or repaint the surfaces without removing the old layers. However, over time a poorly completed job may create bubbles or adhesion issues on the surface. A paint stripper or paint remover is designed to remove the old layers of paint from the majority of the surfaces.

There are several paint removal technics that can be applied to restore the original look of the material. It is a common practice to run multiple tests with several products before selecting the final paint stripping method to do the final job.

The most common and effective paint stripping solutions involve mechanical or heat based tools. Some of them are:

  • Scraping
  • Sanding
  • Angle Grinder with a rust stripper disc for wood and metal surfaces.
  • Heat Guns which facilitates the removal of paint from wood and bricks.
  • Infrared Paint Removal
  • Radiant Heat Paint Remover
  • Paint Shaver

Many projects are too complex or may have restrictions that prevent the use of mechanical or heat based tools. On that scenario, several blasting methods can be applied or even a chemical-based solution will do the job.

Under the blasting methods the common options are:

  • Water blasting
  • Sand blasting
  • Not so common: Dry Ice Blasting

We recently completed a project that required a chemical-based paint stripping process due to the nature of the job. To achieve the best look, we decided to use Dumond Smart Strip because it is a product high rated in the paint stripping market. Below you can see a video from Dumond to understand how the test process is performed when utilizing chemicals.

At Paint Melbourne, we have completed several projects applying combinations of techniques to achieve an optional outcome for our clients. Often different techniques will provide similar results but under different price points.

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