Project Description


Overlooking the Bay

The Strand Restaurant
  • PROJECT LOCATION: 1 The Strand, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia, 3016
  • CLEINT/S: The Strand Restaurant
  • SERVICES PROVIDED ON PROJECT: Rendering, Crack Repairs, Plaster Repairs, Interior Solid Plaster Repairs, Exterior Painting, Interior Painting, Imitation Rust Paint, Metallic/Red Crackled Feature Painting, Council Compliant High Gloss Enamel Paints In Kitchens, Colour Consultation, Working From Elevated Work Platforms, Correspondence & Obtaining Permits With Local Law & Project Management Of Other Trades.
  • PROJECT TIME FRAME: Interior works days & 3 nights. Exterior works 3 weeks.
  • PROJECT CHALLENGES: Finishing the interior in 3 days and 3 nights. Completing the exterior works during business hours and maintaining safe passages for the public/clients.
  • PROJECT POSITIVES: The instant rust paint on the balcony and the red crackle inside both look amazing.  With allot of hard work and overtime from the team we finished the interior works within the allocated shut down premises and the client was able to reopen with little disruption to the regular business.

The Strand Restaurant in Williamstown is a unique mixture of shapes and angles over-looking the waters of Hobson’s Bay and Melbourne City. With a quality location plus a reputation for friendly service and amazing food, we feel privileged to be involved with such a high quality project.

Our scope included restoring and repainting the interior and exterior of this two story establishment. The images show the level of detail we are capable of providing, while others show the now famous imitation rust and red/metallic silver crackle paint. Also added to our scope was an existing wall in the fish an chip shop area for which we selected a modern render finish.

All colour and special finishes consultation provided by Paint Melbourne consultant Aimee Nuygen who is available on our colour consultation page.