What defines whether a colour is stimulating or soothing is not the colour, it’s the intensity. A strong bright colour will stimulate, and a colour with low saturation will soothe – Angela Wright, Colour Psychologist

Studies show that colours affect our perception, are related to the cognitive area, bringing sensations, stimulating or discouraging according to the use of them in the conviviality. Colouring your work environment can make a great impression on visitors, just like the furniture you choose, the colours pass a very perceptive visual and sensory identity.


The yellow colour is indicated for cold environments with low light, for being a clear and lively colour, emanating lustre throughout the environment and warming it, yellow conveys security and hope, is jovial, liberated and positive. It corresponds to knowledge and wisdom. Attributes such as reason, logic, intellectuality, discernment and decision-making are favourable to yellow tones. Creative environments have many shades of yellow. Stimulating receptivity and increasing attention to detail is a colour that can be employed in small objects and still draw much attention.

suspended office with yellow walls
DTU SKYLAB, Kgs. Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark – Juul Frost Architects


Orange is perfect for cold and damp spaces, it is antidepressant and gives strength, invigorating and stimulating, but without much dynamism. It refers to brave and adventurous, enthusiastic and zealous, it gives a sense of energy. Orange is the colour of affirmation and joy, stimulating conversation and sense of h