Painting new construction in Melbourne

Paint Melbourne also specializes in painting new construction homes for general contractors and owner/builders. Painting new construction in Melbourne can be a different experience, and requires a group of painting contractors familiar with the methods in which various crews make their way through each new home.

Sometimes, many of the various trades can be in the same premises at the same time trying to get their tasks complete. When a new construction is ready for paint, most other activity must cease so that the painting can be completed. This means that the commercial painting crew must complete the project as quickly as possible, while still providing a quality finish.

Our commercial Melbourne painters have developed a procedure for newly constructed homes they have spent much time refining. This enables them to complete an average home (1700 sq. ft) much quicker than an average occupied home of the same size. Paint Melbourne is constantly keeping up with new products in the paint industry to be sure we always provide the best service and finish.